Welcome to iFreeiCloud.co.uk!

We are an online provider of Apple device lookup services. We are best recognised for the innovations we create, our world-exclusive research and our extreme attention to customer service!

We are UK-based, University students, with a passion for Apple and a motive to enhance our studies. Our site is a learning base, more so than a business, so we don’t carry the bad traits of a business which everyone experiences at some point.

We can’t stress enough how much effort is put into delivering exceptional service. Based in London, UK, we not only have the expectation, but also the pleasure in taking customer support seriously in the utmost interest of our customers.


IMEI Check Experts

We’ve specialised our site over the years in all sorts of IMEI Check services. If there’s anything you want to know about your device, you’ll find out here…

Is it Activation Locked? Is it reported lost to Apple? Is it blacklisted? When was it bought? What country and company was it sold by? Is it carrier locked? What network is it locked to?

We can give you all the answers in just a few seconds at a time!


Innovation Leader

We operate in an industry of a relatively young generation, and like all would say, seizing every opportunity is what they do best. Although much of our ideas get copied/stolen for financial gain, some simply can not be matched by anyone around the globe. iFreeiCloud.co.uk remains a hub for so many of the community landmarks that exist today!


Lightning Fast Check Tools!

99% of other services on the web that advertise “Instant Delivery” do not actually fulfil their promise (and mostly deliver by email). Our custom IMEI Check web tools will waste no time at all, and deliver your checks as and when you submit them. No redirects.. No email delivery.. No refreshes.. All submitted and delivered from the SAME page!


Revolutionary business tools!

We have recently invested much of our time in revolutionising the way businesses can integrate our lookup services. We offer two different APIs for DHRU Fusion and for PHP. For all our instant services, customised sample code can be generated to provide a working, out-of-the-box integration.

Our latest, most powerful addition to our site, is Project Zeus. Built upon synchronous processing technology, this tool can process a batch of devices with a capacity of ~500 checks per minute, making it one of the most powerful tools in the industry! Every Zeus order provides a series of advanced export options such as CSV spreadsheets and JSON structures for devs.


100% Automated!

One of our priorities at iFreeiCloud.co.uk is to maintain a 100% automation policy, meaning while our site handles every order and payment on it’s own, our admins can focus on delivering exceptional customer service!

Although most of our services are instant, we also offer a range of slower services (delivered by email), only because there are certain services which cannot be sourced at such speed, but are still worth the wait. These services are connected to our suppliers through API, meaning you’ll always have a live update about your order, 24/7!



Safe and Secure

As a leading site in the business, we take every measure to ensure the safety of our customers. All information transferred on our server is encrypted with 2 layer SSL for your security. Our site is also scanned for malware and secured on a daily basis by the global leader in web security, SiteLock! Our payment provider, PayPal, provides state-of-art security to ensure your personal information is secured while making transactions on our site.

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