Surprising Benefits of Hemp Oil for Hair

Hemp Buds and flowers are very famous among cannabis smokers. But do you Hemp is beneficial and is used in its other forms too. Hemp oil is gaining popularity in the hair and skin industry. We all want healthy, silky, and smooth hair. Because of the desire for fabulous-looking hair, the hair industry has been developing hundred of hair products to fulfill our wish for beautiful hair. But these products come with a load of chemicals. The Hemp flower oil is made out of all-natural products without any chemicals added. Here, we will be discussing a few benefits of Hemp oil for hair. But, let us first get familiar with what it is.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is an extract of the Hemp plant. It sometimes is extracted from the Hemp seeds too. That is why it is also called Hemp seed oil. You must not confuse Hemp flower or Hemp seed oil with the other cannabis oils as it is very different. It is more like a food product than a recreational medicine or drug. Also, Hemp will not make you high, unlike the other cannabis oils but will provide extreme calmness and relief. You can even use it to make the brownie, consume as a supplement or rub it into your skin or hair.

Will Hemp Oil on Your Hair Make You High?

No, it will not make you high. Hemp oil is like the primary foodstuff like olive oil and consists of low THC levels. If you are looking for some oil to get you high, THC oil would be the right option for you. Hemp oil will not help you with anything related to that. Let us discuss the amazing benefits of Hemp oil for our hair.

Stimulates Hair Growth

If you want long and luscious hair, Hemp oil might be the right option for you. Hemp consists of fatty acids (omega3,6,9). It stimulates hair growth. Hemp also consists of natural proteins that lead to keratin production, again helping in hair growth.

Straightens Hair and Prevents Damage

The fatty acids present in the Hemp also protect the hair from damage. It helps in the straightening of your hair without the potential damage. Hemp oil is an oil rounder and is very useful if you want healthy, shiny, and long hair.

Nourishes and Moisturizes your Hair

Hemp consists of lipids that are responsible for moisturizing your hair. It provides shine to your hair. The best part about lipids is that our hair can easily absorb them. It is never too heavy on the hair. The more lipids your hair absorb, the more healthy, shiny, and manageable it will become.

Gives More Body to Your Hair

With growth, moisture and strength, your hair will also get more body or volume with the help of Hemp oil. Your hair will look healthier than before and much easy to style too.

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff that collects over your skin is due to the extreme dryness on the skin’s surface. It leads to itchiness and an uncomfortable feeling. Hemp buds oil can not only treat dandruff but also prevent it from occurring again. It moisturizes the skin to prevent it from flaking and increases circulation by opening up the blood vessels. The combination of opened blood vessels and clear skin will fade away dandruff and will prevent it from happening in the first place.

Cures Scalp Infections

If you do not treat dandruff and leave your scalp dry and untreated, it will lead to painful scalp infections. The omega 3,6,9 acids and gamma linoleic acids in Hemp oil, will prevent the scalp from drying, providing enough hydration. Thus, treating itch skin and preventing any skin infections too.

How to Use Hemp Oil For Hair?

Hemp oil is highly versatile. You can get it in various products like shampoo, conditioner, etc., in the market. If you want to use it in the purest form, add a few drops of Hemp oil to your existing shampoo or other products. Hemp oil DIY masks are also getting very popular these days. You can mix various ingredients with Hemp oil to make a hair mask. Some of them are avocados, bananas, honey, aloe vera, egg, essential oil and carrier oil of your choice, and many other things.


If you are looking for a natural option to take care of most of your hair problems, Hemp Flower oil would be the best option. It has no side effects and won’t harm your hair, dry them out or give them a dull look. If you want to buy high-quality Hemp oil or Hemp CBD products, visit Dr. Strains CBD.

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