Path of Exile – Delve Beginner’s Guide

Here’s what makes Delve league stand out in Path of Exile compared to other leagues. 

Path of Exile offers a lot of variety when it comes to its content. Besides their unique take on in-game money with the PoE currency system they have in place, they also display their uniqueness in other ways. One such way is the leagues, which presented players with additional content to play through. Some are better than others, with a particularly popular being the Delve league. 

This article will be taking a look at the more basic aspects that you need to know about Delve. If you’re completely new to the league, then read on to find out more on why it’s a big hit with many members of the PoE community. 

About Azurite

Firstly, we’ll be looking at a key resource that you find in the Delve league. By checking your map, you’ll see blue nodes dotted around. These are Azurite nodes, which are divided into three tiers for players to work through. Finishing off these tiers will present you with Azurite, which works as a form of currency that allows you to upgrade the Voltaxic Generator. This is located in the mine encampment, and you’ll start off by increasing the amount you can stock up on with the sulphite capacity. 

You’ll also have to contend with darkness resistance, which can only be really used for delving itself. This will cut down on the damage that is inflicted on yourself via the darkness debuff, plus there’s a looming penalty. This occurs as you head down further into the mine, and it requires you to focus on upgrading the resistance. 

Meanwhile, you have flares that you can use to light a path. The Light Radius will also help you to see but will need upgrading as you descend further. The flares are particularly handy since they get rid of any darkness that you’re inflicted with. 

What Are PoE Delve Cities?

On the map, you’ll see nodes of interest know as Delve cities. These are another part that makes the experience stand out, and you won’t need to worry about spending your Exalted Orb here. No, these cities are nodes that are bunched together that all have an underground chamber. These are filled with treasures to get you some neat rewards to find. Not only that, but they possess light pads that will light up a section of the room when you stand on them. This allows you to kill any creatures that may have been hiding in the shadows. This is a free of charge alternative if you don’t have any flares. 

There are abyssal cities, primeval ruins and vaal outposts that represent the three types of Delve city. What’s more, if you wish you can spawn bosses in these cities. These bosses that you bring to life will drop some unique items that are exclusive to this particular area, so if you’re looking for something to put on PoE Trade then this could be an effective way to do it. 

PoE Crafting

There is a lot of crafting aspects when it comes to Delve. This is something that you should definitely research when going into the Delve league. The reason is that even players that have no intentions of making the most of Delving here, there is still a number of recipes that will be very handy to you. As you descend further down, there is different socket colour recipes for you to find. The nodes that you need will be found in differing locations as you make your way through. The Delve cities that we mentioned in the last section are worth looking in for recipes too.


There are other nodes that will appear in particular biomes, meaning it isn’t just cities that are in certain places. These include the likes of abyssal depths, a petrified forest, frozen hollow, fungal caverns, magma fissure and sulfur vents to determine the mobs that appear. Each will also have its own kind of layout, which will decide the mobs but the fossils too. 

This scratches the surface as far as Delve is concerned in Path of Exile. There is still a lot more for you to go and discover in this league. It won’t take you long to discover what it is that makes this league a popular choice amongst Path of Exile players. It isn’t the easiest of experiences, but with high risk comes high reward. That is exactly what you are bound to take from your Delve experience, as it is one that you feel deserves special mention once you’ve done it for yourself. It overall showcases what makes PoE so unique, and not just talking about the PoE currency system or its approach to crafting. 

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