Organic Clothing for Babies and More Innovations

When a newborn is welcomed to the world, the baby’s near and dear ones would have a lot planned for him or her. They would always want the best for their baby no matter what the price they would have to pay is. In Australia, about 65 per cent of the population is environmentally aware and cares to make a difference. The one immediate difference every parent can make in a new life is through clothing. There are organic baby clothing in Australia which have become a touch of magic in every baby. 

Many would have the common doubt as to what could be the possible difference in organic clothing. Just like the benefits of organic food products, organic clothing has several benefits to the health and skin of the baby. They are made out of materials that suit the standards of organic practices in agriculture. This means they are made in an organic manner free of harmful fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. They also produce a minimal amount of carbon footprint during their production. All of these add to the beauty of the product as well as help preserve mother nature. The common organic fabrics made this way include wool, cotton and silk. 

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Benefits of organic clothing for babies

1. When the concept of sustainability has taken over the world, it is best to raise a child with the same ideas. However, sustainability isn’t as boring as everybody thinks. The options in the number of clothing are numerous. A baby can get started with organic feeding bibs and move on to organic dresses and skirts to be more stylish and trendy and at the same time, make the difference. They would be very comfortable for the child to move around easily. The wide range of availability in sizes from newborns to higher age groups is the added advantage.

 2. The hypoallergenic nature of organic baby clothing in Australia makes it suitable for all skin types. It is greatly suitable for 70 per cent of the population who are reported allergic. The inexposure to harmful chemicals or irritants has made this possible for every baby to wear. They are soft and delicate just like the soft skin of newborns. 3. Organic clothing aids in the proper representation of individuality in every baby from its initial stage of life itself. It would make both the child as well as the parent very happy with whatever they have bought. The amount of resources required for its production is very less, making it even better and safer for the environment. 


Unlike the traditional clothing materials, organic ones can appear slightly on the expensive side. However, one thing that is forgotten is how they are ethically sourced with absolutely zero usage of chemicals and pesticides. This itself would need a lot of effort and time from the side of the farmers for its production. 

The unknown side of organic farming is how it ensures the team and its members receive a reasonable wage according to ethical wage practices. So the extra amount would be the buyer’s contribution to someone who has worked hard to bring in the ethical element. It is something you must be proud of and not whine about!

Organic Alternative to Adapt to

Just like clothing, many other accessories can be made organic for the child. There are exclusive brands that are very concerned with environmental safety and have put their effort towards bringing in more products, they include games, puzzles, feeding supplies, bedding for the baby and many more. There are other fancy things available as well, which include raincoats, shoes, hats, swimwear, beanies and many more. The products are unique and of very high quality which makes them the best and desired by all. 

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