Indian Silk Sarees: Glory and Beauty

Sarees are the all time favourite outfit of every lady and especially when it is a silk saree that is shiny, glossy, rich and supremely elegant. India has a variety of silk sarees that can be a pure silk saree or a combination of silk and cotton, silk and georgette and many other blends. Along with this India also has pure silk sarees suppliers and banarasi sarees suppliers distributing the attire all around the globe. 

Silk sarees have always been considered as a rich and classy statement and are usually worn at some special occasions. The glory and shimmer which this fabric has can’t be found in any other fabric. It is a natural protein fibre obtained from the larvae of cocoons of mulberry silkworms and other insects too due to which the shine, thickness and quality differs.  

Creation of Silk Sarees 

There are different silk sarees that have their origins from different Indian states. It is hard to find each state’s specialty but there are certain textiles stores offering you all those sarees at a single destination. Chanderi is the traditional silk saree of Madhya Pradesh that is produced in Chanderi city with heavy zari work, amazing borders and pretty embroideries to make it more appealing.

Another popular silk saree is the Patola silk saree of Gujarat that are classy and luxurious. These sarees are crafted with a lot of love and affection including the prettiest ikat prints, animal prints and beautiful double ikat prints that makes the saree look pleasant. Then there are Mysore silk sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, Phulkari silk sarees, Leheriya silk sarees, Bandhani silk sarees and many more from different states. 

One not to forget and most loved silk sarees are the Banarasi silk sarees which are the pride of Banaras Uttar Pradesh. There are many banarasi sarees suppliers who supply these prettiest sarees all around the globe. The sarees itself has four major varieties and then other sub varieties too that tends to be a reason behind its popularity. A Banarasi saree has a special place in a woman’s wardrobe and she has the heavy one in her list. 

Enriching the Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are the real glory and beauty. To make these smooth and glossy saree more enhancing they are decorated with some fantastic embellishments including zari work, pearl embroidery, aari work, sequins work, phulkari work, colorful resham thread work, mirror work and hand embroidery that gives a complete traditional vibe to the saree. 

The most common combination with a silk saree is golden and silver zari work as it matches the shine and shimmer of the fabric well. Heavy borders and heavy pallu are the recognizance of silk sarees. The shine and weight of silk differs depending on the type of fibre from which it is made. 

End Note  

Silk sarees have no competition and they are manufactured in huge quantities in every state of their origin. Big textiles stores supply these pretty sarees in wholesale and retail along with the online convenience so that you can buy your favourite silk saree anywhere and anytime. The silk saree has an immense grace that is eligible to provide you a complete traditional look and adding some traditional jewellery to it finalises the overall look. You will surely get the desired look when you wear a smooth silk saree.     

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