Incorporation of Bidets in Western Toilets

When it comes to shopping for bathroom fixtures, the water closet is a significant choice to make. Toilet types are versatile, and you’d find options in each category. Compact toilets for the limited space, flush toilets to act as dry restrooms, wall-mounted toilets for those who prefer to go tankless! 

However, squat toilets have been the traditional choice, paired up with paper roll dispensers nearby, later western toilets outgrew them, but most of them did not have any flushing system. Today, products like Toto washlets and water closets are an innovation to toilets that had bidets. 

What are washlet toilet systems?

If you have been utilising toilet paper or have a separate bidet system to cleanse the genital areas after use, you’d know the downsides. You will either end up wetting your clothes or feel it hard to operate until you get used to them. Also, separate bidets or faucets require unparalleled installation, water lines and take up some bathroom space.

 Fortunately, eliminating all such setbacks, brands like Toto manufacture western closets with in-built bidets to cleanse the genital area and the seat after every use! Washlet toilets are combo closets that consist of high-end toilet seats with distinct features. Alternatively, you can also install a Toto washlet on your existing toilet, provided it matches the dimensions!

Perks of in-built bidets for toilets

Toilets with in-built bidets have a spray jet, usually under the seat, for genital cleaning. The spray is flexible- you set the oscillation for comfort. It also has controls to migrate between the temperature of the water that sprays. Additionally, they have a contoured seat system with heating controls. 

Some systems even have a warm air dryer! But an in-built bidet is not always about comfort or ease of cleansing. Here is a list of other benefits you can enjoy from installing such water closets,

1. Your loo becomes eco-friendly!

If your toilets have and western or squat units with dry toilet paper rolls for cleaning yourself, there is no doubt it contributes to landfills and waste dumps on earth! Every year, Australia send more than 6.2 million tonnes of organic wastes to landfills. Also, you are running away from sustainability- cutting off trees is depleting oxygen for the future. 

Dry paper rolls in toilets may seem fancy within the restroom space but are a lingering hazard to the planet. On the flip side, switching to toilets with in-built bidets eliminates the need for toilet papers, saves trees and minimises landfills. 

2. A healthier alternative

Not many are aware of the drastic health impacts of using toilet paper. Dry papers for cleaning aren’t a necessity! These papers consist of chlorine and have proven to be a carcinogen in the regulated use of every bathroom today. Chlorine bleaching is a significant step in paper manufacture, and wiping using these papers can induce skin allergies. 

In worst cases, they even elicit piles and haemorrhoids due to prolonged rubbing in the intimate areas. To stay on the health-benefiting side, water closets with in-built bidets is the ideal choice- they are comfortable and 100% skin-friendly!

3. You save water

When faucets can be an alternative to toilet paper, what is so unique about in-built bidets? When you buy seats with in-built bidets to customise the cleaning cycle according to your water supply, you can keep a check on water consumption! Also, in-built bidets consume less than one gallon of water every day- so ultimately, you save water over faucets. This figure comprises the self nozzle sanitation via the spray after and before use!

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