How to create the right book cover for Amazon KDP

Amazon has one of the best self-publishing platforms that authors can use to get their work out there. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the platform that lets authors publish eBooks or paperbacks with ease and reach countless readers on Amazon. This breakthrough platform has enabled many writers to reach out to a global audience without relying on the help of a traditional press. Publishing a book on Amazon KDP is as easy as creating an author account, uploading the book file and selling the book on Amazon.

While the quality of the book you write, the genre and the size of the work matter a lot, there is one aspect that most writers ignore and that is the cover of the book. A book cover is what makes it or breaks it for your book when it is out there in the marketplace. A book cover needs ample attention as that is the first thing that creates an impression on the user’s mind.

There are multiple tools that can help you create the cover for your book, but the most seamless companion for you in the entire process will be the KDP cover size calculator. KDP cover calculator is a tool that lets you calculate the exact suitable dimensions of your book cover. The platform requires certain information that includes what kind of binding does your book have, what kind of colour does the interior have, the kind of paper you wish to have, page turn direction, the interior trim size and a little more, to give you the best possible cover dimension for your work.

KDP cover calculator is the most convenient tool that helps you get the best results and once you have calculated the dimensions of your cover, the platform also lets you download a template, either in PDF or PNG format, that can be used as a guide layer in your image editing software to create the best possible cover.

KDP cover calculator gives you exactly certain parameters that can help you get ahead with designing your cover and these parameters include the width and the height of full cover, front cover, safe area, bleed, margin, wrap, hinge,  spine, spine safe area, spine margin and the barcode margin. No matter if you’re publishing your book as a hardback or a paperback, KDP cover calculator can help you get the best possible cover to let your book outshine the others in the marketplace.

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