How Cremation Diamonds Are Created

If you’re thinking of memorializing a loved one who passed away, you may have considered cremation diamonds. The stones are made of carbon and calcium and are used to create diamonds. The ashes are placed in a special crucible and heated over 5000F to ensure that no element but carbon oxidizes. The ashes are then mixed with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. The diamond core is then placed into a specialized press that can apply up to 800,000 pounds of pressure to the ashes.

When cremation diamonds are created, the ashes of the departed are reclaimed by a complex chemical process. The ashes are separated from their metallic and oxididic components. The result is a high-carbon indissoluble residue that contains between 50 and 90% amorphic carbon. The next step increases the carbon purity. The final stage involves vaporizing the metallic impurities and increasing the temperature of the amorphous carbon to a high temperature of 2500-2700 degrees Celsius in a vacuum.

Once the ashes are extracted, the diamonds are formed. The process of creating a cremation diamond begins with removing the carbon. Different companies have different processes for submitting the ashes. Some pick up the ashes, while others work with the crematorium to create the ring. These diamonds are a meaningful keepsake of your loved one. In addition to being a beautiful keepsake, cremation jewelry is a powerful tool in your grieving process.

When someone passes away, their cremation diamond serves as a beautiful reminder of their life. It can be used as a token of respect and esteem. It can be kept as a memento of the deceased person’s life. Because of the jewellery, the person’s legacy will be kept alive on a permanent basis. These stones are a one-of-a-kind gift for friends and family members, and they can aid in the healing process after a loss. Once completed, the diamond can be used as a memorial to pay tribute to those who have passed away. 

When a cremation diamond is completed, it is not only the ashes that will be used to create the diamond, but also other materials such as glass and metal. There are also ashes that will be used to make other types of memorial jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets. Not all ashes are used in the creation of a cremation diamond, but you have the option of deciding how much money you want to spend on it. Many people prefer to purchase jewellery in honour of a loved one rather than a memorial piece. For some, this type of cremation jewellery is the most meaningful way to honour a loved one’s memory after their passing. 

The purification of amorphous carbon from the ashes is the first step in the process of converting ashes into a memorial diamond. The cremated remains are then used to fashion a cremation diamond. The amount of carbon in the ashes will range between three and five percent by weight. Some companies will even come and pick them up and place them on the grave of the person who has passed away. These pieces of jewellery are a very personal tribute to a loved one who has passed away. They can serve as daily reminders of their loved ones who have passed away. 

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