How can skin needling help your ageing skin?

Even if you have been blessed with great genes and look a lot younger than you are, changes in your skin due to ageing are inevitable. Of course, you can embrace ageing and how you look, but not everyone is comfortable with this? Most men and women alike are looking for an effective treatment to revitalise their ageing skin but may not prefer turning to invasive cosmetic surgery. Then what is the alternative? Skin needling is the right answer! 

After years of research and experimentation, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have found this one of the most effective ways. It is a less invasive procedure in which a dermatologist will puncture the skin and create controlled micro-injuries. This is done using a device that has fine surgical needles. As soon as these injuries heal, the body produces capillaries, elastin, and collagen, which play a vital role in reducing acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. It is also referred to as Micro-Needling and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

Skin needling treatment and its benefits

If you feel that your face looks a bit tired or self-conscious about acne scars or may be aged and sun-damaged skin is making you feel unhappy, then micro-needling is an ideal treatment for you. It will stimulate your skin renewal and help it look fresher, firmer and younger. This medical procedure activates the production of new collagen and fibroblast formation, which further helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture. The skin’s natural healing process helps restore a smoother, clearer complexion, and it can also help improve many types of scarring.

The safest and most effective cosmetic procedure encourages new collagen and elastin production. Moreover, it is one of the few cosmetic treatments suitable for almost all skin types. It is a less invasive skin treatment than any other cosmetic procedure as it does not involve the removal of the epidermis, resulting in a much shorter healing time. Micro-needling helps enhance the texture and tone of the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and help reduce scars and hyperpigmentation. If you wonder whether it is the right solution for you or not, here are the issues skin needling can help you with. Read on!

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Improves cellulite
  • Sun damage
  • Will improve stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss
  • Enlarged pores
  • It can lighten pigmentation marks
  • Skin that lacks firmness and elasticity
  • Acne and chicken pox scars

Is skin needling safe?

This is a common question that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear the word ‘skin needling.” Well, the answer is, of course, YES! People often get scared of getting needles pierced into their skin, but there is nothing to get scared about. The micro-needling procedure involves a handheld skin roller with many fine-pointed needles ranging from 1mm – 3mm in length on its surface. These rollers are rolled over your skin, causing micro punctures that only penetrate the topmost layer of the skin. 

The micropuncture wound stimulates the production of collagen in the uppermost layer of your skin and breaks down the blood vessels directly under the skin’s surface. This process promotes blood clotting, creating the proper collagen and elastin formation environment. All this may sound a little drastic, but this micro-needling approach takes place at a microscopic level, and the exterior trauma effect is almost negligible. 

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