History of aboriginal art 


If you want to buy aboriginal art, you need to know about its origins. There’s a lot of history behind Aboriginal art. To understand it, you need to understand the culture and beliefs of the people who created it.

Caves and rock shelters

Caves and rock shelters have been used for many purposes, including shelter and spiritual and ceremonial purposes. Rock art has been found in many caves and rock shelters.

Cave paintings were created by early people who lived in Australia more than 40,000 years ago. These paintings include images of animals such as kangaroos, emus, crocodiles and snakes. In some caves it is possible to see hand prints made by artists holding a paint brush against the wall (like we would hold a pen).

Rock art is found all over Australia, but some sites are particularly famous for their collection of ancient images, such as those at Kakadu National Park; Lascaux Cave in France; Altamira Cave in Spain; Cueva de Las Manos or Cave of Hands in Argentina; Barenton-Sur-Serre in France; Cosquer Grotto on the French Riviera.

Body painting and scarification

For thousands of years, body painting and scarification have been used in initiation ceremonies to decorate the body. Both involve cutting or painting onto the skin to make designs. Body painting is often done with natural dyes made from plants, fruits and vegetables, while scarification permanently marks the skin using tools like knives or sharp stones.

Scarification creates patterns on your body by marking it with cuts (or even burns), which heal into scars after several weeks. Body painters use stencils and brushes to paint lines onto their bodies during rituals for spiritual purposes. These designs tell stories about important events in a person’s life, like birth or death; they also show how old you are or what clan you belong to.

People who get scars may also cover them up with tattoos later in life, making them more aesthetically pleasing than all those lines showing up when your clothes come off!

Ground and bark painting

Bark paintings are made by scraping off a tree’s top layer of bark and then painting on it. It was used for ceremonial purposes by Aboriginal people in Australia.

Ground paintings are made by grinding a pigment into the ground (usually with a stone mortar and pestle). They were used for everyday purposes, such as creating maps or keeping track of numbers at an initiation ceremony.

Ochre paintings

Ochre is red clay that has been used as a pigment for thousands of years. It is found in most parts of Australia and has been used in Aboriginal art since at least when people first started living in Australia. Ochre is one of the most common items found at rock art sites, but it can also be found on cave walls and other places where people have left their marks.

Ochre was used to paint bodies, ground and bark paintings, rock art and cave paintings. These things show that ochre was very important to the Aboriginal people who lived here long ago.

Rock art

Rock art is a form of visual expression that has been around for thousands of years. Rock art is found in many places worldwide, including Australia, Egypt, Europe and North America. The first rock paintings date back to 20 thousand years ago.


Modern Aboriginal art has taken the world by storm. This is because it has a long history and is very diverse. It’s also interesting, beautiful, and unique.

Aboriginal art is an important part of the Australian identity. It has been used by indigenous groups for thousands of years and continues to evolve today. Suppose you are looking to buy aboriginal art now; you know the background on how Aboriginal art developed over time and where it stands today as one of history’s most significant artistic movements.

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