Corporate Compliance For All

The History of The Issue

Here in the United States, people have been allowed to mistreat women, LGBTQIA people, and people of color on the job for literal centuries, and you can click here to learn more about the history of discrimination in this country. There are sexual harassment and racial discrimination cases in the courts to this day that have not been fully resolved. Americans escalated their attacks on Asian Americans through the pandemic in 2020, after the former President offered misguided and racist remarks about people from China due to his inherent sense of privilege and narcissism. This is why corporations need compliance training — not only to help marginalized groups, but to teach those people in our society with lots of privileges how not to abuse that privilege and harass everyone around them.

What was particularly disturbing about the racist attacks of 2020 was that even in the context of a pandemic lockdown, American police officers found a way to kill African-Americans with aplomb. Additionally, even though Chinese Americans and Chinese immigrants were not personally responsible for the proliferation of Covid 19, many Americans attacked elderly Asian people, not even bothering to distinguish between different types of Asian people, just attacking indiscriminately. It has been a dangerous few years to be Asian in America, and it has literally always been dangerous and awful to be African-American. As a result, people who are used to being abusive and disrespectful in America have to improve the way they conduct their lives.

We have to improve our society so that we can actually get lots of work done without being distracted by the foolishness and lack of productivity that comes with racist garbage in our country. It has been proven time and time again that if we were to simply treat all people equally in the United States, the country as a whole would be much stronger economically, politically and socially. It is unfair to elderly Asian people in the grocery store or to shoot our Asian elders as they pray in a church in San Francisco. These communities almost singlehandedly built the railroad system that connects California to the rest of the world, and this is how we repay our Asian elders? By violently attacking them?

This behavior is unacceptable and a lot of the groundwork we can do to mitigate this terrible nonsense will be by focusing on compliance training through diversity and inclusion. Your employees who exist in a space of extreme privilege will likely wonder what is compliance training and yet, they should already know. It is time for these communities to learn to work together without being rude and disrespectful to other communities. Today’s workforce is hungry for a solution that will help us get our work done without being distracted by racists who are so insecure that they seek to harass and thwart others from being successful in America.

What Is The Future?

It is important to institute the kind of training that will help people reconsider the evil things they were inclined to do beforehand. There have been instances of people hanging nooses in the cubicles and on the office doors of African-Americans for a very long time. There have been instances of people refusing to accept the sights and smells of more authentic Arab, Asian and Latino food and instead harassing those people for being different, which is extremely offensive and annoying. People in the USA are simply tired of being harassed on the job and they would simply rather offer that internationally famous American productivity without being harassed constantly.

This is why Diversity and Inclusion Training is necessary for the United States of America to advance without as much strain as we are currently experiencing. We cannot continue to live like this, so we absolutely must enforce a new system in which we take care to be mindful of the inherent and embedded institutionally racist behaviors and actions that we must expunge from America. The United States will not advance in the twenty-first century without improving our compliance systems. We can create better compliance systems by encouraging one another to be proud to have completed diversity training. It is unfortunate, but people of color in America know that they must carefully navigate a system that is perpetually seeking to uphold the scourge that is white supremacy.
There are so many aspects of life that require an additional set of stressors simply because we have to encounter the looming, painful atrocity that is the white supremacist ( American structure. This is a country that was founded on anti-blackness and thus, it has pervaded almost every aspect of our lives in this society. Consequently, when we are at work we are not at our most productive when we are not focusing on compliance training. With this type of training, we can undoubtedly advance as a society and prevent future generations from having to deal with the racist nonsense we are currently dealing with, unabated.

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