Accessories You Can Buy From an Online Headshop 

When you sit down to indulge in a good smoking session, you will realize there are various pieces of equipment you need. Even if one of the pieces of equipment is missing, it will make it difficult to enjoy the smoking session. 

As a beginner, you might not know what you need to enhance your smoking experience. So, you must follow a list of equipment or accessories that you might need. 

From ash catchers to grinders, there are numerous accessories that you must have. 

So, here is a list of accessories you may need to make your smoking experience even better. You can find all of these at any online smoke shop. 

1. Grinder

You will need a grinder to prepare your herbs by grinding them finely. It is one of the essential tools that you will need. While buying a grinder, you will come across different types: two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece. 

The top part of the grinder opens up, and you put the flower or the bud in it. After that, you can grind the herbs, and the mesh filters inside the grinder will make the herbs finer. 

Using finer herbs for rolling a joint or filling a bong will enhance your smoking experience. 

2. Storage containers

The plastic containers will damage the herbs as they are not air-tight, and moisture content in the air will ruin the bud’s potency. So, consider buying a proper storage container that is air-tight and conceals the aroma of your bud when you are in public places. 

3. Bongs

A bong is the most common smoking equipment around the world. Be it beginners or regular smokers, bongs are a favorite of all kinds of smokers. 

It has a water chamber responsible for filtering the smoke further and removing the toxins from the smoke. It gives you a smooth smoke and enhances the potency of the bud. 

4. Ash Catcher

When you pack a bowl of the bong, light the herbs, and inhale the smoke, the resin and ash can end up in the bong’s water. 

If you use your bong often, you would have to empty the bowl and refill the water after two to three bong rips. 

On the other hand, if you invest in ash catchers, you can enjoy long smoking sessions with your friends without having to clean the water ever so often. 

It attaches to the bong, and the smoke will initially travel through the catcher. Herein, all the debris and the ash will be accumulated in the catcher before it hits the bong’s water. This helps you keep the bong cleaner for much smoother hits. 

5. Rolling paper

If you like to smoke joints often, you would need to invest in high-quality rolling papers and roaches. The best quality of rolling papers will make the joint easier to smoke and elevate your experience. 

Rolling papers are available in several sizes and types. You can even buy rolling papers made from bamboo and even rice. 

In addition to these common must-have accessories, do not target to buy the best ashtrays, rolling trays, and lighters to make your smoking sessions more convenient.

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