A Wardrobe Checklist For Online Purchases

A Wardrobe Checklist For Online Purchases

Wardrobes are an integral part of your life. You tend to keep what you most like in them. It displays your personality and likings. You should choose such wardrobes with care and precaution for your home. You need to decide on the type and look of the wardrobe before the other factors. Wardrobes should be spacious and be able to hold all your stuff in them. Check the Wakefit website for some lovely designs of wardrobes that would brighten up your room and make it look more classy. Here is a checklist you should tick off before you purchase a wardrobe online. 

Know your measurements

wooden wardrobe design should neither be too big nor be too small. To buy the right size, measure your room and know how much space you have to place the wardrobe. Sizes of the wardrobe can also depend on the number of people using the wardrobe. If you are sharing it with your partner, you might need a larger-sized wardrobe to hold both of your clothing. Choose the right size considering all these factors. If you are going for hinged door wardrobes, ensure that you have enough space to open the doors and the bed doesn’t block them. Translucent sliding doors can opt for those who don’t have enough space. It will also give a contemporary look to the bedroom. 

Pick the best kind of wood

A cupboard for the bedroom should have the best kind of wood so that the doors don’t creak while opening and give a neat finish to the room. Teak wood is the best of all woods as it has an excellent texture and is very valuable. But teak wood is costly and cannot be afforded by all. There are other kinds of wood like Sheesham wood and engineered wood. Sheesham wood is again a hardwood that is the carpenter’s choice. Its price is reasonable, and the wood is durable. The engineered wood is an economical option. Choose a quality wood that lasts long. The wood should also be termite and moisture resistant by nature. 

Customize your shelves 

Choosing the number of shelves in a wardrobe depends on what kind of clothing you have and how you want to arrange them. Some might require ample hanging space to hang their clothes, whereas a few might like them ironed and neatly stacked one above the other. Choose your shelves accordingly. You can also go for adjustable shelves that allow you to increase or decrease the height of the frames. Some might want a safety locker inside the wardrobe to keep valuables. Try asking for small shelves for the more petite clothing. You can customize the shelves as per your needs. 

Choose the best design 

The design of wardrobes depends on the accessories one can fit the wardrobes. Whether mirrors or hooks outside to hand your sling bags and shawls, ensure you choose the best design. A wardrobe with mirrors saves you a lot of money as you need not invest in a separate dressing table for your room. Apart from this, choose the right kind of door handles for the wardrobe. Thin and sleek door handles are contemporary designs, whereas the bold and thick ones suit traditional room decor.

Wait for the best deals 

The advantage of choosing a wardrobe online is that you get to experience a wide variety of designs along with the best discounts. Discounts of online retailers are enormous when compared to buying in stores. Flash sales and heavy discounts are usually given during festive seasons like Christmas and Diwali. Grab the best deals during these times. Ensure you get a warranty for at least ten years. Compare the prices online and then make the Best Buy. 

Try and avail free transport 

Transport is primarily free when bought online. So if you ever buy a cupboard for a bedroom online, ask the retailer for free transportation. Once the delivery people arrive home, make sure they keep the wardrobe in the required room before leaving; otherwise, you will have to move it by yourself. 


Wardrobes are essential pieces of furniture required in a home. Do not compromise on the quality of the wardrobe, as cheap wardrobes might creak and wear off in a year or two. A wardrobe should last for a lifetime. It is best to buy from renowned websites online to avoid gimmicks. You might get carried away by their low cost or appearance and land up with a low-quality wardrobe. So wait and choose a good one that fulfills all your needs. Wooden wardrobes should be neatly polished and have an appealing look to enhance the interior of the room. They should also match the rest of the furniture in the room. Take your time and make the best buy for your home. 

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