A Guide To Using Privnote

Sending private messages without the fear of them getting leaked, or hacked by any malicious person, can be done with the help of such services as Privnote

Using Privnote allows the users to send messages to anyone they want and the message will get deleted once, it gets read by the intended person. Messages can be read once and get deleted or messages can be read more than once if the sender decided to set a time till which the message can be seen, after which the private note will disappear forever. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to using Privnote:

  1. Users can access Privnote by typing the correct URL (Privnote.com), on the search bar, or by downloading the app Privnote from Google play services or the Apple store. It is very important to use a legitimate website, and not fall into the trap of phishing websites. There have been clones made of this website. Privnote, the real site, does not require any user to register them by giving their names and email id. The website, as well as the app, is free, and no registration fees are required.
  2. After opening Privnote, the user will come across a yellow box, named “New Note”. They can start typing their private note, in this space. After writing their secret message, the user needs to click on the option “Create Note.”
  3. After clicking on the Create Note option, Privnote will encrypt the private note, by creating a link. This link created byпривнот is so highly encrypted that not even the service itself can read the note. Note that Privnote is creating a link; the messages are not getting stored inside the platform itself, which is one of the reasons why it is a very safe application.
  4. This link can be sent to the intended recipient via email, or just copy-pasted on any messaging platform. Once the recipient of the message reads the private note, it gets destroyed automatically. It cannot be read again or even retrieved again once destroyed.
  5. Nowпривнотgives its users certain options. The message can be given a reference name so that the receiver of the message can know that this is a private note. They can also decide for how long the recipient can keep the message till it self-destructs. They can set the time to thirty minutes, to an hour, for seven days, or even for thirty days. After this time ends, the note will automatically get destroyed. The message can be given a password, which needs to be securely passed on to the intended receiver.  
  6. Another option provided by Privnote is that the sender of the message gets notified when the message is getting opened by the receiver of the note, and when it is destroyed. For this, the sender has to give their email id, so that the notification comes in their email. Now, this is optional, and if a user wants to completely protect their identity, they need not use this option. 

Hence, sending private notes that self destruct and completely protects privacy is easy with Privnote

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