4 signs that your testosterone is critically low

Besides common causes for low testosterone production in the body like stress, AIDS, testicle injuries and even drug abuse, the condition can be caused by the aging process. Low testosterone production in the body is part of the reason for some physical body changes especially in men who record the highest production of testosterone hormone. This does not however mean there are no solutions to the same, TRT online are available for considerations with diverse options one can choose from based on what suits them. You only need to choose the one that best suits your style and these are the four signs you should look for before considering this solution. 

Low blood count 

It has been established by scientists that low production of testosterone can attribute to higher chances of developing anemia. Research shows introduction of testosterone replacement therapy to be instrumental for increasing red blood cells production in the body. Some of the signs that you have anemia include feeling dizzy, rapid heart rate, insomnia and crampy legs. Any signs of anemia should be taken seriously for checkup and diagnosis for easier and less costly treatment. Improvement in testosterone in the body is just but one of the many ways that anemia can be tackled in the human body.

Memory loss and mood swings 

Testosterone hormone is responsible formoods balance in the body. Low testosterone is responsible for mood changes in men for a number of reasons. Considering its effect in the body processes, it might just affect the mental capacity and mood of a person. Since the cognitive ability of people decline as they get old, low testosterone production might affect your memory strength. Through engaging in testosterone boosting activities or settling for testosterone replacement therapy options, one can combat memory problems among other numerous side effects of low testosterone production.

Increased body fat 

Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen hormones produced in their bodies however estrogen is more in women than men while testosterone is more in men than women. In a case of low testosterone production in men, there might be a hormonal imbalance which can increase the estrogen amounts in the body. The effects might therefore include increased body fats in the body, growth of man boobs among other factors that make the body look fat rather than lean. It is through improvement in testosterone production in the body that such effects can be progressively reversed. 

Reduced sex drive and performance 

Quality testosterone productions in the body improvethe sexual performance and drive in a man. Its reduction might as such lead to difficulty in achieving erection and worse still maintaining it. You can also start experiencing spontaneous erections while sleeping or even experience insomnia. There are also other health conditions that can lead to reduced sex performance and drive for instance diabetes, increased cholesterol in the body, anxiety and even increased stress. Other bad habits that cause reduced production of testosterone include drug abuse that include smoking and alcohol abuse. 

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