3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

To know it in the depths of your heart that you have found your person – it must be a euphoric feeling. And, as they say, if you like it, put a ring on it!

A great deal of sentimental thinking goes into planning a proposal. The moment when a man goes down on one knee for his lover must be epic. But what stands out in that once-in-a-lifetime moment, right before the ‘Yes’ comes, is the engagement ring sitting in a plush box. This ring that marks the beginning of the couple’s infinity is crucial. It has to be the right pick!

With changing times, the trends have evolved too. People are choosing bolder, non-traditional engagement rings, and why not? A diamond ring might not be the perfect choice for every couple. 

In fact, Stats indicate that about 40% of Kiwis prefer a coloured sapphire over a classic diamond ring!

Well, an engagement ring that truly defines a couple’s style is the one for them anyway! 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Non-Traditional Ring

Diamond rings are synonymous with true love and ever-lasting commitment. But they might not be the perfect romantic symbolism for you and your partner. Today, you have a more comprehensive range of engagement rings to choose from – pearls, sapphires, rubies and imperfect diamonds. 

What’s important is how durable your ring is. You are likely to wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life, so make sure it can survive the wear-and-tear of your lifestyle.

Besides these apparent considerations, you should think of some very significant factors before making your choice:

1. What Does Your Partner Want?

There was a time when diamonds were every girl’s best friend. But, not anymore. 

People have distinct and more refined tastes now. Unfortunately, diamond rings have become a little too generic. So, the first step in choosing your non-traditional ring is to consider your partner’s preference. Take their liking into account. Most of all, select a ring that will speak volumes about your partner’s personality.

After all, the best engagement rings are ones that are thoughtfully handpicked!

2. What’s Your Budget?

Diamond rings can cost you months of your salary. And nobody should start the most important relationship of their life with a pile of debt on their shoulders.

Many jewellers offer rings with distinct asymmetrical designs and stones that are a lot more inexpensive. So, chalk out your budget and find something accordingly. There is always the best ring out there that will fit your financial budget and also showcase the depth of your affection.

3. Figure Out Your Partner’s Lifestyle

It is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider. 

Try to ask your partner’s favourite colours and their choice of styles. Do it over a long period so you can maintain the surprise element of your proposal! 

You may like a ruby engagement ring, but your partner might not be fond of the colour red. Or, you may want to pick a heavy ring, but your partner uses their hand very often while working.

These might cause hindrance and ultimately result in your partner not wearing the ring for most of the day. Who wants that, right? So consider your partner’s lifestyle before you invest in a ring!

Every love story is distinct in its own way. No two loves are ever the same! 

A non-traditional engagement ring is more unconventional and unique! It may appeal to the trajectory of your relationship and pay the most beautiful ode to your love. 

All the more reason for you to stray away from diamond rings and find something peculiar and exclusive.

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